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A look at the land and the region of Almeirim


The perfect wedding between the soil and the river

Our winery has its production of white grapes essentially implanted in the Lezíria do Tejo. Here the influence of the Tejo river is notable, especially due to soils fertility and the existence of a own ecosystem, which favors the cultivation of the vineyards and gives to the terroir particular characteristics giving white wines of excellence.
In the Charneca terroir we have the large part of red vines. Here the soils are sandy and clay- sandy with some rolled pebble, being these much poorer but with an excellent aptitude for the production of more structured reds with superior quality.



Ribatejo region lie at the center of Portugal raising the well know «Lezíria Ribatejana» a fertile agricultural area derivative from a very important element of our region - the Tagus River, the largest river in Portugal, which influences the climate, soil and fertility of the territory.



It is a Mediterranean climate with mild temperatures between 15oC and 16.5oC. The region, on average per year, receives 2800 hours of sun and has 750mm of precipitation. The highest peaks of heat are in summer while winter is dry and cold.



The vineyards of the members of the Adega are mostly located two distinct areas, one is «Campo» area, which is soils that are often flooded by the Tagus River in the most rigorous winters, and the other is «Charneca» area, consisting of soils of limestone and clay.



The culture of the vineyard has a secular tradition in the region and the producers has vast knowledge. From pruning to vintage grape growers are always accompanied at every stage of the crop. The vines are selected giving rise to certified varieties.

Almeirim Region

A look in 1200 hectares of pure quality

The vineyards of the Adega de Almeirim stretch over an area of ​​about 1200ha and are divided essentially by two distinct locations and terroirs: the Lezíria and the Charneca.

In Lezíria we can find a strong influence marked by the freshness of the river Tagus, which in many marks the quality of the excellent white grapes that are produced. Here we can find some of the best terroirs of the whole region, presenting itself as the zone of excellence for white wines, where the grape Fernão Pires is the queen.

In the Charneca the soils are poorer, characterized as sandy where we can find some rolled pebbles, but that they verify a fantastic potential for a production of red grapes with great quality.

Icone Historia

Almeirim History

It would have been the natural wealth of Almeirim and the proximity to the Tejo River that aroused interest for the first populations to settle, and there are vestiges of human presence from prehistory to Roman times.

A virtuous area with a huge agricultural potential with attractive areas for cattle breeding and near the Tejo River, it was ideal also for the practice of fishing activities.
Only in 1411 did the first King of the Second Dynasty, King João I, Master of Avis, founded the village "Al-Meirim", which we now know as a city.

In the XVI century it was known in the Court of Lisbon as "Sintra de Inverno" by the good houses and farms around the palace that gave rise to pompous parties and royal marriages, saying that "in Almeirim, people are in pile like sardines".